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Rain Retreat Meditation in Myanmar

You don't need to be a Buddhist to practice meditation, developed by Buddha and called Insight Meditation or Vipassana

Best time: August 2–October 30, 2023

Rain Retreat Meditation

You can learn the ancient art of meditating at one of the many meditation centres in Myanmar that welcome overseas visitors. If you are planning a course of more than 28 days, you will need a special 90-day meditation visa. Most classes are in English. The main principles of meditation here all visitors must adhere to are: silence, staying on-site for the duration of the course, and eating only at certain times during the day. Men and women are separated during their stay. There is no charge for the courses, accommodation, or food. Donations are accepted at the end of your stay. Also, there are opportunities to ask questions and have private interviews with the teacher. The meditation teachers explain how to observe the eight precepts throughout the length of their stay. The observance of those moral Precepts leads to the development of Vipassana Insight knowledge. Take lessons during the 'Rain's Retreat' (Vassa) between July and October to have practice with the main teachers. But most of the meditation centres open throughout the year to receive those who are prepared to undertake full-time Vipassana meditation for six to twelve weeks.

Practical info

When is the best time to go for meditation retreat in Myanmar?

To get the most out of a meditation retreat in Myanmar, the peak season is from July through October, known as the 'Rain's Retreat.' This period is ideal due to the availability of the primary teachers who offer guidance to attendees. However, some centers allow visitors throughout the year for six to twelve weeks to do Vipassana meditation full-time. Show more

Where can I find meditation centers in Myanmar?

Pa-Auk Forest Monastery, Chanmyay Yeiktha Meditation Centre, Hse Main Gon-Yi, and Panditarama International Meditation Centre are some meditation centers in Myanmar that welcome foreign visitors. These retreats are ideally situated in forests or remote regions, offering guests a chance to disconnect from the outside world and concentrate on meditation. Show more

What is the duration of the meditation courses?

The meditation courses' duration varies from several weeks to months, depending on the center in Myanmar. Long-term courses, lasting over twelve weeks, are specialized in some centers, while most centers offer four to six-week courses. Show more

How much does it cost to participate in a meditation retreat in Myanmar?

A meditation retreat in Myanmar generally does not cost any fees, including food, accommodation, or courses. However, attendees can donate at the end of the course as per their preferences. It's worth noting that during their stay, guests must follow the dietary regulations and silence of the centers strictly. Show more

Can I attend meditation classes if I'm not a Buddhist practitioner?

All are welcome in meditation classes in Myanmar, including people who are not Buddhist practitioners, with no pressure to subscribe to the Buddhist faith. Participants are only required to adjust to the principles of the centers, including staying on-site, observing silence, and eating at certain times - an open mind and the desire to learn. Show more

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