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Big Buddha in Phuket

The huge white marble statue is visible from everywhere in the south of Phuket

Best time: all year round

Big Buddha
Big Buddha
Big Buddha
Big Buddha

Big Buddha is one of the most recognizable landmarks of Phuket. The huge 45-m statue is located on top of the Nakkerd Hill between Chalong and Kata. You can easily spot the statue from Phuket Town or Karon Beach.

Besides the statue, you should climb the hill for breathtaking views. The 360-degree panorama of the island with fantastic views of Phuket Town, Karon, Chalong Bay and Kata—it's hard to find a better place to see the whole of Phuket. A winding 6-km road is easily accessible. When reaching the top, you'll see a parking lot and a passage to a temple where people buy amulets and make donations. It also serves as a museum where you can learn about the Big Buddha.

Walk through the temple to reach the stairs climbing to the Big Buddha. Once there, you’ll be able to enjoy the bird-eye views. On top, there is also a small terrace with excellent views over Kata Bay and Kata Noi Bay.

You can visit the statue year round. Rainy days are unpleasant, especially when it's windy, and the views are hindered by clouds and fogs. It also gets rather crowded during the Thai holidays, so plan accordingly.

Practical info

When is the best time to visit Big Buddha in Phuket?

It's ideal to visit Big Buddha in Phuket during the dry season, lasting from December until March. Visitors can expect clear skies and exceptional visibility. The early morning or late afternoon offers better lighting and fewer crowds, providing a more enjoyable experience. Heavy rain during the rainy season from May to October might make the panoramic views from the statue harder to navigate. Show more

Where is the best vantage point to view Phuket from the statue?

The top of Big Buddha provides a small terrace offering panoramic views of Kata Bay and Kata Noi Bay, making it the ideal vantage point to view Phuket. Additionally, visitors can climb the hill to the temple and statue to experience breathtaking views of Phuket town, Chalong, and Karon Beach. Furthermore, the hilltop is an excellent spot to watch the sunset over the Andaman Sea. Show more

How high is the statue?

At 45m, Big Buddha Phuket is one of the tallest Buddha statues in Thailand. It's made of reinforced concrete and coated with stunning white Burmese marble. Work on the statue commenced in 2002, spanning almost a decade to complete. The statue has become one of Phuket's top-rated tourist attractions, drawing many tourists from all over the world. Show more

What is the significance of the amulets sold at the temple?

The temple's amulets hold a sacred meaning to Buddhists, with the belief that they provide blessings, good fortune, and protection to the wearer. The materials, shapes, and sizes of the amulets differ, with some being crafted from metals, minerals, and animal parts or other spiritual or natural elements. Visitors to Big Buddha can purchase the amulets or donate money at the temple without disrespecting the area's religious significance. Show more

What other attractions are located near Big Buddha in Phuket?

When visiting Big Buddha, tourists can explore other attractions in the area such as the nearby Wat Chalong temple, which offers a glimpse into Buddhism and Phuket's culture and history. Additionally, Kata Viewpoint, Phuket's most famous lookout point, provides a breathtaking view of Kata Bay and is just six minutes away by car. For spectacular views of the sea, visitors can head down the hill from the Big Buddha statue to Karon Viewpoint. Other isolated beaches, waterfalls, and trekking locations are available in the vicinity, making it an ideal location for a day trip. Show more

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