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Monkey Hill in Phuket

One of the tallest hills of Phuket Town is inhibited by herds of macaques

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Monkey Hill

Toh Sae Hill, also called Monkey Hill, is the highest hill in Phuket Town. It is home to around 400 macaques who live in groups all over the area. The monkeys don't attack people but make sure you don't have your belongings stolen.

Monkey Hill is located in the old town area on central-east side. If you take the bus to Phuket Town, it's a short walk from the bus station. Or you can take a tuk tuk at the bus stop to take you there. There is a popular shrine at the foot of the hill. Local people come here to ask for lucky lottery numbers. The shrine is dedicated to three different holy spirits, Toh Sae Dang, Toh Sae Dam and Toh Sae Kaow.

There is a viewing platform built in 2015 with great panorama of Phuket. The hill is popular among locals as a jogging area. The uphill road si closed for traffic at 5 pm, so that people can walk to the top and watch sunset.

Practical info

When is Monkey Hill in Phuket most active?

Monkey Hill in Phuket is most active in the early morning and later in the afternoon. It's best to avoid midday when the sun is intense and the monkeys usually rest in the shade. This timing ensures visitors get to watch the monkeys in active mode. Show more

What's the location of the platform on Monkey Hill?

The platform at Monkey Hill on Phuket is located at the hill's top. It gives a panoramic view of Phuket town, and visitors can walk or drive up towards the parking area. The platform is a great spot to enjoy scenic views of the area. Show more

How do the monkeys react to visitors on Monkey Hill?

The monkeys on Monkey Hill in Phuket are usually not aggressive towards humans but can try to steal food or belongings. Visitors shouldn't touch or feed the monkeys and avoid eye contact while keeping a safe distance. It's better to keep belongings secure and admire the monkeys from afar to avoid any mischievous acts. Show more

Why is the shrine popular and where is it located?

The shrine at the foot of Monkey Hill in Phuket is popular among locals, who come here to ask for lucky lottery numbers. It's dedicated to three holy spirits, and many people believe praying here brings good luck. The shrine is an ideal place for those wanting to explore the local culture and traditions while visiting Phuket. Show more

Why do they close the uphill road to traffic and when does it happen?

The uphill road of Monkey Hill in Phuket closes for traffic after 5 pm, allowing visitors to walk up and watch the sunset. This time is popular among both locals and visitors for experiencing nature's beauty. The road reopens to traffic once the sun has set, ensuring safety for those walking up the hill while making the experience memorable for them. Show more

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