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The Molde Panorama in Norway

Take a long walk up to Varden to enjoy the breathtaking view on the fjord and the town

The Molde Panorama
The Molde Panorama

Varden viewpoint, being 407 meters above sea level, offers a great panorama of the surrounding scenery. You'll se the town of Molde, the beautiful fjord, the islands, and multiple snow-clad mountain tops. The best way to get up the hill is to hike there on foot from the centre of Molde. It will take about one hour. If you are too tired you can also take a taxi. No matter how you get there, you'll be rewarded with the great view and a breath of fresh air.

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What is the best time to visit Molde Panorama?

The best months to visit Molde Panorama and the Varden viewpoint are between May and October when the weather is reliably warmer and clearer, offering visitors an unobstructed panoramic view. Molde is situated in western Norway, enjoys a temperate oceanic climate, and has unpredictable weather. It is advisable to check local weather reports before finalizing your travel plans. Longer daylight hours during the summer season also provide more opportunities to enjoy the view. Show more

How do I reach the Varden viewpoint in Molde, Norway?

Located approximately 1.5 km from the town center, a map at Moldemarka provides information about the different routes to the Varden viewpoint, which you can traverse on foot or by taxi. The Varden trail is the shortest and quickest path to the viewpoint, taking approximately an hour to hike. Alternatively, taxis can drop you near the gate that leads to the viewpoint's parking area. There are no direct roads leading to the viewpoint, and the parking lot situated at Moldemarka is only for residents. Show more

How can I reach the Varden viewpoint in Molda?

It is not possible to drive to the Varden viewpoint in Molde as there is no direct road leading to it. You can either hike or take a taxi to reach the viewpoint from Moldemarka. The parking lot at Moldemarka is only for residents. However, taxis are a convenient and relatively affordable transportation option that will take you to the Varden viewpoint's gate, where there is a parking area. Unfortunately, the area around the viewpoint is a nature reserve with no restaurants or cafes. Show more

Are there any dining options near the Varden viewpoint in Molde, Norway?

There are no restaurants or cafes within proximity of the Varden viewpoint in Molde, as the region is a nature reserve covered with vegetation. Travelers who wish to enjoy Norwegian cuisine along with an extraordinary view can explore several excellent options in the neighboring city of Molde. Some of the most noteworthy restaurants include Molde Fjordstuer, Molde Panorama, and Grand Hotel Bellevue. Show more

What else is there to do in Molde, Norway, besides going to the Varden viewpoint?

Aside from visiting the Varden viewpoint, Molde offers endless opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts, including the exploration of the Romsdal Alps via various hiking trails available throughout the summer season. The coastline can also be explored through sea kayaking, or a fishing excursion. There are also several cultural activities available, such as the Molde International Jazz Festival or a visit to Romsdalsmuseet, an open-air museum that chronicles Molde's daily life from ancient times till date. Show more

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