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Space Needle in Seattle

Enjoy panoramic views of the Emerald City from the height of 520 ft (160 m)

Best time: May–September (all year round)

Space Needle
Space Needle
Space Needle
Space Needle
Space Needle

The Seattle Space Needle is definitely the best place to take in the city views. You can see Olympic and Cascades mountain ranges, Puget Sound and Elliott Bay’s bustling waterfront, even Mt Rainier is seen from afar.

The tower was built for the 1962 World Fair, whose theme was “The Age of Space”. Its futuristic design was supposed to symbolize humanity’s Space Age aspirations. When the Space Needle was opened it was the tallest building west of the Mississippi River. The cost of construction was $4.5million. Located in downtown Seattle, the Space Needle is one of the most photographed structures in the world.

Except for the observation deck with 360° views, the tower hosts the oldest operating revolving restaurants in the world. The restaurant was originally called “Eye of the Needle”.

The tower can be visited year round, however, the summer season gives you the highest chance of clear skies and good views, as Seattle is famous for frequent rain and fog.

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What is the best time to visit the Seattle Space Needle?

Seattle's Space Needle is open year-round, but it's best to visit between May and September for clearer skies and better visibility. This is especially important as the city is known for its foggy and rainy weather, which may hinder the experience. Nonetheless, the attraction remains open throughout the year, so weather permitting, visitors can plan their visit accordingly. Show more

What landmarks can be seen from the top of the Space Needle?

At the Seattle Space Needle's top, visitors can enjoy panoramic views of the city, including the mountain ranges of Olympics and Cascades, Puget Sound, Elliot Bay's bustling waterfront, and even Mt. Rainier from afar. The magnificent view gives visitors the chance to appreciate the beauty of Seattle from above. The Space Needle is undoubtedly the best place to fully experience Seattle's landscape from a bird's-eye view. Show more

When was the Space Needle built and what was the purpose of its design?

In 1962, Seattle's Space Needle was constructed for the World's Fair, themed 'The Age of Space.' The structure was designed to look futuristic with a height of 520ft (160m) and cost $4.5 million to build. It was the tallest structure in the western US at the time and still stands as one of Seattle's most iconic landmarks to date, representing humanity's aspirations in the Space Age. Show more

What is the name of the restaurant located in the Space Needle and what is its claim to fame?

The restaurant located in Seattle's Space Needle is called SkyCity, and it's famous for being the world's oldest rotating restaurant. Beyond offering the best view of the surrounding landscape while enjoying a meal, SkyCity has a Pacific Northwest cuisine menu that matches the restaurant's quality service and experience. Any visitor to the Space Needle shouldn't ignore the amazing opportunity to dine at Seattle's SkyCity restaurant. Show more

Can the Space Needle be visited all year round or are there any specific times when it is closed?

Seattle's iconic Space Needle is open to visitors year-round, except for special closure dates due to maintenance or private events. This attraction, however, has a seasonal schedule, and prospective travelers should consult the official website to plan their visit. Visitors should note that on weekdays, the Space Needle may close earlier, while on weekends, it stays open into the night to give everyone ample time to enjoy the experience. Show more

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