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Tower of Our Saviour's Church

Copenhagens themselves voted for the view from the top as the best panorama of the city

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The tower of the Church of Our Saviour was constructed back in 1752, and since then it has remained the city's best observation deck. In 2007, this fact was proven once again during a voting—most locals consider the view revealed from the tower top set at 90 meters above Copenhagen to be the best city panorama ever.

Yearly the increasing number of tourists, the latest data are 60,000 individuals, climb its 400 serpentine steps to the very top. The last 150 stairs are located outside the spire, and though on the picture it doesn't look very much intimidating, you're probably going to feel dizzy, at least slightly. The Savior stands atop on the golden globe constantly watching the city's life.

The access to the tower is limited during winter months, it's actually closed January to February, and in December it operates on a few selected days only, including December 1, 6, 8, 12 and 15. March through November the tower operates without any limitations, just check the opening hours, cause they vary from day to day.

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