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The Big Nickel in Ontario

An Ontario landmark–a huge coin–draws crowds of tourists

Best time: early March–late September

The Big Nickel
The Big Nickel

A 9-meter (30-foot) replica of a Canadian nickel is located at the grounds of the Dynamic Earth Science Museum in Sudbury, Ontario. The twelve-sided Big Nickel is placed on a hill near the intersection of Municipal Road 55 and Big Nickel Drive.

The Big Nickel was created in 1964 by a former Sudbury firefighter and entrepreneur Ted Szilva and sculptor Bruno Cavallo and was dedicated to the nickel miners of Sudbury. The huge coin is one of the most photographed local landmarks and is an exact replica of the currency. The coin is fixed on a base that allows visitors to walk under and around it. However, the access to the base is not available when snow covers the ground. Thus, the Dynamic Earth Science Museum regular season is from the first Saturday in March through to the last Sunday in September.

In 2009, the Big Nickel celebrated its 45th anniversary with a big gathering of coin collecting enthusiasts.

Practical info

What is the best time of year to visit the Big Nickel in Ontario?

The Dynamic Earth Science Museum in Sudbury, Ontario opens from early March to late September, so it is the best time to visit the Big Nickel. Tourists can explore the monument while it isn't covered in snow during these months. Show more

Where is the Big Nickel located within Sudbury, Ontario?

Situated close to the intersection of Municipal Road 55 and Big Nickel Drive, visitors can locate the Big Nickel at the Dynamic Earth Science Museum in Sudbury, Ontario with ease. Tourists can follow directions or signs to find the museum and the Big Nickel. Show more

How was the Big Nickel created and who were the creators?

In 1964, the Big Nickel was created by Bruno Cavallo and Ted Szilva, The former was a sculptor while the latter was an entrepreneur and Sudbury firefighter.There was a motive behind the creation of the Big Nickel monument, and it was precisely to honor the rich history of nickel mining in Sudbury. As a result, it's recognized as a beloved landmark to date and an exact replica of a Canadian five-cent coin. Show more

Can visitors walk under and around the Big Nickel, or is there restricted access?

Visitors are free to walk under and around the Big Nickel but can only do so if there is no ground snow. Walking under the base may be restricted during the winter. Although tourists might be unable to walk around during this period, they can still catch an excellent view of the Big Nickel's entirety and appreciate its size. Show more

Has there been any special events or anniversaries celebrated at the Big Nickel in the past?

Celebrating its 45th anniversary in 2009, the Big Nickel had a gathering of coin collectors enthusiasts who came to share its significance with the Sudbury community. The event shows the impact of the monument and cements its place as a beloved landmark in the Sudbury community. Show more

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