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Terra Lumina Lights Festival 2024 in Ontario

Take a walk down this enchanted lights path

Dates: early August–late October 2024 (over)

Terra Lumina is a magical annual event with millions of twinkling lights and other entertainment. The festival has a bigger concept behind it than just a lights show–the organizers want to take you to the year of 2099, when nature and humans are living together in harmony. Terra Lumina is certainly family-friendly, so feel free to grab your little ones along.

What's in for visitors

When it gets dark at the Toronto Zoo, you begin your walk down a 1-mile (1.5 km) path that goes into the future and back. Your journey starts when a portal takes you to the glowing wonders of the display. Let the bright lighting, multimedia effects, stunning video projections, and original music take you to a magical world where anything is possible.

Tickets & Venue

As mentioned, the event takes place at Toronto Zoo. The festival doors open only on Fridays and Saturdays. Terra Lumina begins in August and ends in late October, so you’ll have enough time to explore the magical lights universe. Ticket prices are pretty low: adult attendees entrance costs around $30, but children aged 3-12 can get in for only $25. There’s also a senior discount–visitors of 65 years and older won't pay more than $28 per person. The organizers offer parking for $14. Keep in mind that Toronto is extremely busy this time of year, so we suggest booking your accommodation in advance.

Practical info

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