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Illumi Laval 2023

Marvel at 25 million lights and thousands of larger-than-life light structures

Dates: October 1–31, 2023

Illumi Laval
Illumi Laval
Illumi Laval

Illumi is the world's largest light, sound, and multimedia show, held in the city of Laval in southwestern Quebec, north of Montreal. The immersive show, created by Cavalia, features over twenty million lights and thousands of dazzling creations. Visitors can explore the magical and monumental light sculptures from October to early January. The gates are open approximately from 6 pm to 8 pm. See the Illumi website for a detailed schedule.

Every new season brings some new jaw-dropping elements to the spectacular show, which can be experienced on foot or by car. In October, visitors can enjoy autumn-themed, and Halloween-themed touches. Kids will certainly be delighted to encounter dazzling monsters, ghosts, and a lot of pumpkins.

During the Christmas season, visit Winter Wonderland with sparkling snowflakes and a spectacular ice castle. The area is full of icemen, elves, and festive gnomes. Don't miss the Elf House, nestled in a magical fir tree forest. Another holiday season highlight is the majestic 154-foot (47-meter) tree of lights. The tree boasts the size of the Statue of Liberty and is adorned with 100,000 luminous, interactive lights. After enjoying a walk through the enchanted forest, kids and adults can warm up with a hot beverage in the winter village.

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