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RiSE Festival 2019

Launching lanterns into the sky in the middle of a desert

Every October, the RiSE Festival is held in the Mojave Desert outside of Las Vegas. Tens of thousands of people come together to launch simultaneously tens of thousands of biodegradable lanterns into the night desert sky. It's an incredible experience that cannot be described!

RiSE Festival in Las Vegas - Best Season

The RiSE Festival begins in mid-afternoon, offering some live music and performances on the stage, excellent food and drinks to socialize and connect. When the sun goes down people, prepare their lanterns and at a certain time let them go. Thousands of lanterns rise simultaneously creating an incredible sight and sending a message about individual hopes and dreams in one gorgeous display.

Best time for RiSE Festival in Las Vegas

The RiSE Festival site is located about 40 km (25 miles) south of Las Vegas on the Jean Dry Lake Bed. It can be reached by the I-15 highway.

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