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Christmas Season 2019-2020

The unforgettable atmosphere and good humour make Christmas in Las Vegas memorable

Christmas Season in Las Vegas 2019 - Best Time
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At first glance, Nevada may not the best place to have Christmas. After all, this holiday is associated with fluffy snowflakes falling from the sky, which rarely happens in Las Vegas. The idea of ​​celebrating this Christian holiday in "Sin City" may seem somewhat dubious, but, Las Vegas will destroy any doubts, as soon as you get there.

Christmas Season in Las Vegas - Best Season 2019

In honour of the holiday, the whole city is illuminated with Christmas themes. Of course, there are lights all year round, but on Christmas Day, it seems that the night is lighter than the daytime. Thousands of Christmas trees in the squares and storefronts try to outdo one another, giant casinos let out crowds of Santa Clauses to the people, and luxury hotels even have reindeer!

Best time for Christmas Season in Las Vegas 2019

From mid-November to early January, the city offers Glittering Lights at Las Vegas Motor Speedway, a family-oriented Christmas experience full of dazzling lights along the drive. You can use your own vehicle or hop on the Santa Tram that will take you along the way in an open-air tram. The Las Vegas Speedway Christmas lights is one of the best winter memories.

On the eve of Christmas and the next day, many venues in Las Vegas arrange special concerts and events with the usual extravagant atmosphere. Even though Christmas is a family holiday, thousands of tourists celebrate it in Las Vegas.