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Best time to go to Birmingham, AL

Christmas Lights in Birmingham 2022

Check the best Christmas lights in Birmingham and let yourself fully immerse into this holiday atmosphere


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Christmas lights in Birmingham, AL, tantalize the citizens and the local community during the holiday season every year. The buildings are adorned with sparkling lights, and the whole city is filled with a Christmas atmosphere. We’ve put together the best Christmas lights in Birmingham to help you pick up the brightest destination for this holiday season.

Glow Wild: An Animal Lantern Celebration at the Birmingham Zoo (November 16, 2022–January 16, 2023)

The Birmingham Zoo knows how to celebrate Christmas. Glow Wild: An Animal Lantern Celebration is an illuminating event designed to impress and inspire. It features a one-way path, where you can view different animal shapes of all sizes animated to move parts of their bodies. The show is held on select days during November, December, and January.

The Richardson Family Christmas Light Show (late November–late December 2022)

The Richardson Family takes the best out of every holiday season since they use their decoration to arrange a canned food drive for those in need. Enjoy hundreds of synchronized dazzling lights while helping less fortunate families. This Christmas lights show in Birmingham, AL, is held from the day after Thanksgiving through New Years Day.

Downtown Birmingham Christmas lights

If you are a walking enthusiast, take the air in Downtown Birmingham and enjoy the Christmas lights it’s filled with. For instance, in Linn Park, you can view how the 40 feet (12 m) Christmas tree comes to life with hundreds of flickering lights. Also, you can enjoy the lighting of the Regions Center, the 390 feet (118 m) tower, which has been installing displays for decades.

Christmas lights outside of Birmingham (November 11, 2022–January 1, 2023)

The Bham area also knows how to impress you with hundreds of twinkling lights. Galaxy of Lights is a holiday tradition that is held every November and December at the Garden in Huntsville. It features magnificent light displays with a special walking path through the Garden that sparkles from all the corners. Galaxy of Lights allows visitors to experience the show both walking and driving.

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