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Bonfire Night 2024

Thanks to Guy Fawkes' attempt to kill James I, Londoners have another reason to set off fireworks and eat festive toffees

Dates: November 5, 2024

Bonfire Night
Bonfire Night
Bonfire Night

Thousands of fireworks light up London on the 5th of November, known as Bonfire Night or Guy Fawkes Night, in celebration of the protestant King James' assassination attempt on the same day in 1605. A group of Catholics led by Guy Fawkes tried to blow up the House of Parliament and finally kill the King. Luckily for the latter, the rebellious​ group was revealed, the lawless soldier was burnt alive, and the King initiated celebrations as a token of gratitude for his salvation.

Today's celebration highlights include the burning of Guy Fawkes puppets, setting off fireworks, lighting bonfires, and feasting on typical snacks. Some of the most typical food for the Bonfire Night is toffee itself as well as toffee apples, gingerbread, soups to warm up, baked potatoes, and marshmallow skewers roasted over the fire.

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