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Bradford Festival Of Lights (Bradford is #LiT) 2022

Amazing fireworks and art in West Yorkshire


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Bradford Festival Of Lights, also known as Bradford is #LiT, blends modern art and Bonfire Night traditions in Bradford city center, located 8.6 miles (14 km) west of Leeds. The festival of light, which culminates on Bonfire Night weekend, features a program of 25 unique light installations made by an outstanding group of local and national artists.

The festival's main highlight is Borealis, an art installation that brings the Northern Lights' magic to Bradford’s City Park. Created by Dan Acher, this work of art produces layers of light and particle clouds to create the Northern Lights illusion. Bonfire night usually ends with a fireworks extravaganza over Bradford. The festival's program also features street artists, dancers, and musicians at various locations throughout Bradford.

During the festival, Bradford boasts beautiful illumination, showcasing the city's cultural heritage and beautiful architecture. Light displays create a holiday atmosphere in Bradford throughout the whole month.

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