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Peasholm Park Naval Battles 2020

Witness the oldest continuously simulated battle in the world

Peasholm Park Naval Battles in England 2019 - Best Time
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For over 80 years, Peasholm Park in the town of Scarborough in North Yorkshire draws crowds every summer that want to see its famous naval warfare event—the Battle of Peasholm between imaginary rivals. War breaks out on the lake in the middle of the park when the 20ft replica boats recreate some serious tensions.

The “Battle of Peasholm” lasts for 30 minutes and is produced three times per week, starting in late May. The shows last until September 1st. In June, the shows are held on Saturdays only; in July—on Thursdays and Saturdays; and during August—on Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

Peasholm Park Naval Battles in England - Best Season 2019

Interestingly, many boats are man-powered. After World War II, the fleet was updated with new vessels. At that time, the Battle of the River Plate was recreated, which actually took place between Britain and Germany in 1939. In the1960s, aircraft were added, to the excitement of audiences.

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Municipal Peasholm Park with a Japanese theme opened in 1912. The park includes Peasholm Glen, a natural ravine, an artificial boating lake and a champion tree walk. The site covers about 14-hectares and is located on the site of a former medieval manor.