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Dragon Boat Festival 2020

Enjoy this traditional Chinese celebration of the summer solstice with dragon boat racing


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The Canadian International Dragon Boat Festival is an annual summer event. These eye-catching ceremonies and competitive racing take place on the waters of False Creek.

Dragon Boat Festival in Vancouver - Best Season 2020

Every June, this festival brings crowds of spectators and thousands of international competitors. The festival is one of the largest dragon boat festivals outside of Asia with roots that go back to 1986.

Best time for Dragon Boat Festival in Vancouver 2020

Over 150 teams participate nowadays and the number of lanes has even increased to nine. This unique celebration of summer solstice starts on Friday and lasts for the whole weekend with lots of entertainment, activity tents, live music concerts, circus performances, and delicious foods. The race itself, with all its competitive spirit, promises to bring you an unforgettable experience.

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