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Celebration of Light 2023

Don't miss one of the most spectacular sound and light events in the world!


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One of the largest and most well known festivals in Vancouver is the Celebration of Light. If you haven't seen this fireworks competition on the English Bay in Vancouver, you haven't seen a real fireworks show at all!

This is an amazing show of lights and sound. Three nights at the end of July fill the sky with various figures and choreographic displays. Every year around 1.4 million people come to watch this magnificent show. Vancouver's Celebration of Light is also one of the biggest international fireworks competitions in the world. You can choose from various viewing spots, like English Bay, Kitsilano Beach, or Vanier Park. There are also some VIP viewing zones on the list, but be sure to come early or to book a place in advance.

The celebration begins at 10 p.m. when the fireworks set off from the floating barge and illuminate the bay with spectacular pyrotechnics. Bring a picnic with you and enjoy these magical nights with your family or friends. At Sunset Beach you can enjoy live music performances, which start in the early afternoon and draw crowds for the main event in the evening.

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