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Atlantic Festival in Funchal 2024

A great mix of music and fireworks

Dates: May 31-June 23, 2024

Atlantic Festival in Funchal
Atlantic Festival in Funchal

The Madeira Atlantic Festival takes over the city of Funchal for the whole month of June. The festival which traditionally launches the summer season in Madeira, consists of a set of initiatives. The absolute favourite is the musical pyrotechnic shows that take place on four consecutive Saturdays. The pier outside Pontinha has been chosen as a lovely location for the breathtaking displays. Each pyrotechnic musical show invades the sky over the harbour for nearly 20 minutes and tries to literally outshine the others. The competition is over with the winner being traditionally awarded a trophy by the public vote.

Another component of the Atlantic Festival is a three-night Atlantic Roots Festival in mid-June. This one aims at a more diverse and demanding audience and combines different genres and new musical trends. The first night features national music, the next one is dedicated to new trends such as Soul or Funk or Black Music, and the last one is all about Portuguese music.

Other celebrations within Atlantic Festival are Regional Arts Week, Regional Bread Fair and Saints Festivities, namely Saint Anthony, Saint John and Saint Peter. This proves the month of June in Madeira is too fun-packed to get bored.

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