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Festa del Redentore 2020

Enjoy the fireworks from one of the many gondolas in St. Mark's Basin

Festa del Redentore in Venice 2020 - Best Time

Viaggio Routard

On the third Sunday of July, the residents of Venice celebrate the "Festa del Redentore". If you enjoy fireworks, you're going to love this day. Starting in the morning, you can see people all over the city decorating their porches, balconies, and boats with flowers, balloons, and garlands. At sunset, the St. Mark's Bay begins to fill up with boats from all over Venice waiting for the festiviti​es to begin. Starting at 11 p.m. the firework displays kick off and continue for the next 60 minutes. After the fireworks end, many head to Lido Island where people sit on the sand and wait for the sunrise.

Festa del Redentore in Venice - Best Season 2020