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Lake Annecy Festival (Fête du Lac d'Annecy) 2023

Watch the Bay of Albigny hosting one of the most fascinating pyrotechnic shows in Europe

Dates: August 5, 2023

Lake Annecy Festival (Fête du Lac d'Annecy)

The first Saturday of August, Annecy in the Haute-Savoie region flares up with glowing fountains of light during the Fête du Lac d'Annecy or Lake Annecy Festival. The pyrotechnic extravaganza takes place on the Bay of Albigny. It features a 70-minute striking firework show with the scenery of the mountains and the lake, which is deemed to be a fantastic setting for this bright event. This sparkling delight lasts for over an hour.

Fête du Lac originated in 1860 as a "Venetian style" party in honor of Napoleon III upon his arrival to Annecy. Over time, the event has evolved and integrated new technologies. Lighting, music, and special effects mix with the fireworks to create a truly magical experience in the dark sky over Lake Annecy. The festival attracts around 200,000 spectators to the lake shores to relish this marvelous show. Each year's celebration has a different theme. Moreover, the events occur not only at Lake Annecy but also throughout the city.

To watch the Lake Annecy Festival, come to the lakeside park called Le Pâquier. There should be enough space to park your car, but try to arrive in advance to get a good viewing spot.

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