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Medieval Festivals 2020

France is proud of its rich history. It's no wonder that Medieval festivals in the country are so popular

Medieval Festivals in France 2020 - Best Time


At the end of May, fans and enthusiasts of the Middle Ages gather in Chateau de Sedan or Sedan Castle, one of the most impressive castles in Europe. The Festival Medieval de Sedan attracts thousands of people for its huge fair, traditional banquets, tournaments, and competitions, as well as famous sword duels.

Medieval Festivals in France - Best Season 2020
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In June, the Provins Medieval Festival takes place. The location of the festival is quite convenient, as it takes only one hour to get there by car from Paris. Sort of like a time-machine, this event allows you to travel hundreds of years back in time. The town itself is beautiful, and those colorful medieval decorations make it even more extravagant!

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