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Riti Settennali 2024

A little medieval town of Guardia Sanframondi situated about 60 km from Naples, hosts the mystical medieval event every seven years

Dates: August 19–25, 2024

Riti Settennali
Riti Settennali

The seven rites of Guardia Sanframondi picture different scenes from the New and Old Testaments in a vivid way. Every rite has its own colour and theme, but all of them are wearing hooded robes with holes for eyes. During the week these rites lead processions around the town, and on Sunday the ancient statue of Madonna is taken out of the church to parade across the town with the rites. The participants also beat their chests with sponges with sharp needles. A truly eccentric scene, a tradition that has been on since the thirteenth century with the first mentioning in 1620. The week always occurs on the first Monday after the 15th of August.

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