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Naples Wine&Thecity 2024 in Naples and Pompeii

A celebration of wine and the urban life of Naples

Dates: May 20–25, 2024

Naples Wine&Thecity
Naples Wine&Thecity
Naples Wine&Thecity
Naples Wine&Thecity

Indulge in the excitement of Wine&Thecity, the highlight of Naples' spring from May 20 to 25. Experience a week filled with wine, unique venues, intriguing encounters, captivating stories, and delightful tastings, all scattered throughout the city. Since 2008, this event has transformed the wine scene with its innovative approach to wine communication.


Wine&Thecity is an exhilarating journey that immerses participants in the essence of Italy. Delightful encounters with exquisite wines and intriguing new locales await. Over the years, attendees have danced their hearts out, making dance an integral part of all events. From moonlit beach performances to the charming streets of Chiaia, dance has added a unique rhythm to these festivities.


Everyone can experience the city's rich heritage and vibrant culture during this year's program. On May 20, the festival commences with an enchanting opening evening at one of the city's oldest and most captivating venues, where art and wine converge for a mesmerizing start. Festival-goers will journey into the heart of the historic center at the State Archives of Naples, once the revered Benedictine monastery of Saints Severino and Sossio. This monumental complex invites exploration, offering a glimpse into its rich tapestry of art, history, and beauty.

Then, on May 22, the festivities will spill into the streets of Chiaia, weaving through boutiques, ateliers, and art galleries. From there, the journey will wind through historic gardens, secluded courtyards, luxurious hotels, and hidden gems.

For the grand finale on May 25, Wine&Thecity takes center stage at the Torre del Real Bosco di Capodimonte Garden, meticulously restored to its original splendor as an agricultural estate and nursery. From 6 pm to 9:30 pm, guests are treated to an evening of botanical, historical, and gastronomic marvels.

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