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Grape Harvest in Yarra Valley, Melbourne 2025

Yarra Valley is a real paradise for wine lovers, this region produces excellent Chardonnay and Pinot Noir wines

Best time: March

Grape Harvest in Yarra Valley

One-hour drive east of Melbourne there is Yarra Valley, a scenic area where many famous Australian wines are produced. Yarra Valley produces world-class wines. More than 70 wineries are open to the public. In order to visit one of them, you need to pre-order transportation or make an appointment for a wine tour, which can be combined with a leisurely dinner, as there are many elite restaurants in the valley. Since the grape harvest season begins in autumn, March is an ideal month for exploring the vineyards and conducting tasting tours. During this time, the famous Grape Grazing Festival takes place in the Yarra Valley.

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When is a good time to visit Yarra Valley for wine tasting?

Autumn, specifically March to May, is the perfect time to visit Yarra Valley for wine tasting, as this is when the grape harvest starts. The annual Grape Grazing Festival also takes place in March, offering visitors wine tastings, vineyard tours, food, and live entertainment. The weather during autumn is perfect for exploring the vineyards and conducting tasting tours. This is an ideal opportunity for wine lovers to sample freshly harvested wines amidst the breathtaking scenery. Show more

What are some wineries known for producing the best Chardonnay and Pinot Noir in Yarra Valley?

Yarra Valley has a reputation for producing some of the world's finest Pinot Noir and Chardonnay wines. Wineries such as Pimpernel, Oakridge, and De Bortoli Winery are renowned for the quality of their Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. Domaine Chandon, TarraWarra Estate, and Yering Station are also excellent wineries offering a variety of high-quality wines while providing visitors with stunning views of the area's natural beauty. Show more

Which wine tour company is highly recommended when visiting Yarra Valley?

Wine Compass, Epicurean, and Vinetrekker are among the most popular wine tour companies operating in Yarra Valley, offering visitors an unforgettable wine tasting experience. These companies offer comprehensive wine tours to the finest wineries in the region. Visitors can sit back and relax while experts take care of transportation, tours, and tastings. For those seeking a memorable wine tour experience in Yarra Valley, these companies come highly recommended. Show more

When is the Grape Grazing Festival held in Yarra Valley?

March is the month of celebration in Yarra Valley, as this is when the annual Grape Grazing Festival is held. The festival is a three-day event to celebrate the grape harvest in the area. During the festival, visitors can enjoy an array of delectable foods, wine tastings, grape stomping, vineyard tours, and live entertainment. This event is a great opportunity to experience the rich heritage, culture, and beauty of Yarra Valley, and it's definitely worth considering when planning your visit. Show more

Which are the most luxurious and highly-rated restaurants in Yarra Valley?

Yarra Valley features some of Australia's finest and highly-rated restaurants, serving outstanding local cuisine and a variety of wines produced by its vineyards. Eleonore's Restaurant, Oakridge Restaurant, and Ezard at Levantine Hill are prominent restaurants known for their sophistication and luxury. Other fantastic dining options include the Healesville Hotel, which features traditional pub favorites with a focus on seasonal, local produce. These establishments offer a memorable dining experience to visitors looking to indulge in delicious meals amidst the valley's stunning natural surroundings. Show more

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