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Best season to travel to Chile

Grape Harvest

Only in Chile can you enjoy this noble drink of world-class quality for so cheap

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Chile is one of the world's top wine destinations, its favourable climate conditions including melting snow waters supplies from the Andes in the West, warm temperatures, and cool Pacific breezes from the East allow winegrowers to do without traditional pesticides which is a true rarity in the wine industry. Due to low material costs during the growing process, top-notch Chilean wines are available at quite affordable prices which make the product especially attractive for tourists.

Most vineyards open their doors to visitors, allowing them observe the wine making process and even participate in harvesting activities. The most renowned wine regions in Chile are ​Coquim​bo, Aconcagua, Central Valley, and Southern lands.

New Chilean wine is available during grape harvest between late February and early May.

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