Best season to travel to Bolivia

Grape Harvest

The world's highest vineyards caressed by loving sun and cooled by caring winds bear top-notch grapes and excellent wines​


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Bolivian vines are the closest to the sun which directly influences the quality of grapes. The altitudes hover between 1600 and 2850 m above sea level. Other benefits of the growing area which also contribute to the grape harvest's quality are warm temperatures year-round, so the lands are barely ever frozen, and winds that prevent the harvest from boiling in the sun.

That is not the entire list of advantages; the new wine is considerably refined thanks to the high altitude's climate. This climate is also favourable for faster aging, and to produce the same quality wine somewhere else in the world it would take three times as many years as it does in the Bolivian Andes.

To experience all the benefits of Bolivian wine one should come in winemaking season when a range of topical festivals offer new wine varieties along with other grape-based products.

The most famous event include the Fiesta de la Uva and Tarija C​elebration of the Grape.

The season is variable but usually,​ lasts from February to March.

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