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Best season to travel to Romania

Wine Season

Romanian wines were once a part of the diet of European kings, and Cotnari wine was among Peter the Great's favourites

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Since long ago, grape harvests have been a matter of great joy with lots of collective entertainment combined with the actual harvesting. Traditional merriments included folk singing and dancing, and Gypsy musicians performed their serenades as the new wine filled the wooden barrels.

In ancient times because of wine-making season kings often postponed their battles. Some locally produced wines were served in European royal courts, and Romanian Cotnari wine is known to be one of Peter the Great's favourite drinks.

Today the greatest Romanian vineyards are found in the regions of Transylvania, Moldova, and Wallachia, and the Buzau county located in the region of Wallachia is even named the "Tuscany of Romania." Other wine regions include Olnetia and Muntenia, Danube Terraces, the southern lands by the Black Sea, the regions of Dobrogea, Banat, Crisana, and Maramures. If you love wine, a good time to travel to Romania would be a ​wine-making season between August and October.

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