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Mocăniţa Steam Train in Romania 2024

Europe's last steam-powered forestry train invites you on a vintage trip across the Vaser Valley in the Maramures Mountains​

Best time: May–October

Mocăniţa Steam Train
Mocăniţa Steam Train
Mocăniţa Steam Train
Mocăniţa Steam Train
Mocăniţa Steam Train

A trip on the Mocăniţa railway from Viseu de Sus​ is unique, as the steam train is the last remaining forestry train in Europe. The Vaser Valley railway was built back in 1932 and forestry trains were primarily used to transport the harvested wood. Since 2000, tourists also have been able to observe the Maramures mountains with its pristine forests and fast-flowing rivers from the vintage steam train.

As the train arrives at Paltin station, passengers have some free time to explore the scenic surroundings and enjoy a picnic. On the way back to Viseu de Sus the conductor may even stop for a mushroom break if in a season. Regular tours run from spring to late autumn.

Practical info

When is the best time to visit Mocăniţa Steam Train in Romania?

Visitors to the Mocăniţa Steam Train in Romania should plan their visit from May to October. During these months, the weather is milder, and the scenic beauty of the Carpathian Mountains is at its best. The surroundings become brightly lit with wildflowers, lush green forests, and blooming trees that are a special delight to the tourists. Show more

Where is the Mocăniţa train station located in Romania?

In the Maramureș region of Romania, the Mocăniţa train station is located in the charming town of Viseu de Sus. The town lies in the beautiful Vaser Valley, surrounded by pristine forests and fast-flowing rivers that provide an exquisite view to the passengers. It is an ideal place to experience the vintage steam train journey in an authentic and immersive way. Show more

How long is the journey on the steam train?

The journey from Viseu de Sus to Paltin on the Mocăniţa steam train takes about 3.5 hours, covering a distance of approximately 21 kilometers. During the train journey, visitors are treated to breathtaking views of the Maramureș mountains, traditional wooden houses, and hay meadows. Impressive viaducts and bridges are also crossed over during the ride. Show more

What are some of the unique sights and experiences that can be enjoyed during the train ride?

A ride on the Mocăniţa steam train is a unique and immersive experience of the beautiful Maramureș region of Romaia. Passengers are treated to breathtaking views of the Carpathian Mountains, pass by charming wooden houses, and get a chance to experience the local life with its lush and rustic meadows. Various stops along the way allow the visitors to explore the wildlife, local food markets, and hiking trails, which make the trip even more memorable. Show more

Are there any stops along the way where passengers can disembark and explore the area?

The Mocăniţa steam train stops at multiple stations during its journey, allowing passengers to discover the beautiful surroundings. Paltin station is one of the most popular stops, where visitors get free time to explore the scenic surroundings and enjoy a perfect picnic retreat. If it's the season, the guides would also stop the train for mushroom picking. The other stations, such as Vișeu de Sus, Bogdan Vodă, and Coman, offer plenty of attractions ranging from local wildlife, hiking trails to authentic local cuisine. Show more

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