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Train de Charlevoix in Quebec

Experience a railway trip around the most hardly accessible parts of Quebec

Best time: mid-June–mid-October

Enjoy breathtaking views of the St. Lawrence River, its villages, Montmorency Falls, and rocky mountains. This and even more can be combined in one weekend with family or a romantic getaway if you take the Train de Charlevoix.

From about mid-June to early October train travels between Quebec City and La Malbaie and passes the most picturesque landscapes of the region. The trail runs about 125 km along the Charlevoix hills and the river, which gives a perfect opportunity to take your time and enjoy the view.

Since the train stops in seven towns, you can easily explore Saint-Joseph-de-la-Rive, Baie-Saint-Paul, Saint-Irénée, spend time on the beach, try local cuisine, or see the towns. Once you hop on a board you can also enjoy appetizers and drinks while watching the scenery changing from your window.

Practical info

When is the best time to take the Train de Charlevoix in Quebec?

The Train de Charlevoix is best enjoyed from June to October when the weather is typically pleasant and the 125 km route is bursting with stunning landscapes. You can travel between Quebec City and La Malbaie, stopping at seven picturesque towns where you can explore or relax on the beach. Show more

Where does the Train de Charlevoix stop and what unique experiences can I have in each town?

The Train de Charlevoix makes stops at seven towns including Saint-Joseph-de-la-Rive, Baie-Saint-Paul, and Saint-Irénée. Each town offers a unique experience such as heritage exploration, art, and architecture, local cuisine, beach relaxation, or natural beauty admiration. Show more

What is the duration of the Train de Charlevoix trip?

The duration of the Train de Charlevoix trip is around 4.5 hours when traveling from Quebec City to La Malbaie or in the opposite direction. However, seven stops are made along the way so if you want to explore each town, you can hop off. Additionally, there are classes of service, which can affect the duration of the trip such as economy, business, and dome cars. Show more

Can I bring my own food and drinks on the train or is there food available on board?

On the Train de Charlevoix, bringing your own food and drinks is allowed. But if you don't, onboard food and drinks are available such as appetizers and drinks that can be enjoyed while admiring the landscapes. Additionally, the train has a gourmet dining experience in its dining car, featuring local cuisine and products from Charlevoix. Show more

Are there any special activities or events on the Train de Charlevoix during certain seasons?

The Train de Charlevoix offers seasonal activities and events such as the fall foliage season which allows you to enjoy the colors of the leaves. During December, the Charlevoix train also offers Christmas-themed trips, where you can experience a magical Christmas dinner while having a visit from Santa Claus. Furthermore, the train can be rented for unique personal or corporate events including weddings and family reunions. Show more

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