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Vintage Trains and Buses in New York

It must be programmed in human nature to feel some nostalgy for yesteryear—New York's vintage train on Christmas provides a chance to soothe that pain

Best time: late November–December

Vintage Trains and Buses
Vintage Trains and Buses
Vintage Trains and Buses
Vintage Trains and Buses

Until time machine is not invented, a vintage train in New York city's subway is a nice alternative. It comes to life between Thanksgiving and Christmas. The train from the 20th century carries the passengers between Manhattan and Queens. Padded chairs, ceiling fans, incandescent light bulbs and oldWrigley’s spearmint ads shift you back into some 30s and 70s.

In addition to old-fashioned equipment and vintage ads some locals dress up in vintage clothes, play music and dance right along the subway platforms, which contributes to the romantic atmosphere of yesteryear.

Outside the holidays vintage cars are observed at the Transit Museum. But simply watching them can't be compared to the ride.

Besides vintage subway, you're welcome for a ride by vintage buses that also operate during Christmas holidays. So if you happen to visit New York during the holiday season, don't miss the chance to try these rare atmospheric experiences.

The vintage rides are available on selected days starting from Thanksgiving Day, usually on Sundays, but may be also on weekdays. To make sure that you don't come in vain, better check the operating days beforehand—this information is provided by MTA (Metropolitan Transportation Authority) on their website.

We suggest you check the MTA official website to make sure vintage buses are running this year. Also, you can use the map below offering the best accommodation nearby.

Practical info

When can people board the train and what is the schedule like?

Between Thanksgiving Day and Christmas holidays, people can board the vintage train in New York on selected days. The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) usually releases the exact schedule a few weeks before the first ride. The train rides are typically on Sundays but might run on weekdays as well. Passengers should check the current schedule before planning their trip. Show more

What is the route of the vintage train in New York, and what is it like inside?

The vintage train in New York operates from Manhattan to Queens and back, providing an authentic 20th century subway experience. Inside the train, passengers can find padded chairs, incandescent bulbs, and ceiling fans. Additionally, they will see vintage ads circulating the interior, which are sure to evoke nostalgia. The ride is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to relish glamorous New York history. Show more

When is the best time for visitors to ride the vintage train and bus in New York?

Late November through December is the best time to visit New York for an opportunity to ride the vintage train and bus. During the holiday season, visitors can ride the vintage train and bus on selected days. However, it is better to try visiting during the early dates of the operating period, around Thanksgiving Day, to enjoy more availability and options. Visitors can secure a ticket to ensure their ride on this unforgettable experience. Show more

What are some of the unique features of the vintage train, and what can passengers expect to enjoy during the ride?

The vintage train in New York offers passengers a rare opportunity to travel back in time to the early 20th century. The train's interior features incandescent bulbs, ceiling fans, and padded chairs. Additionally, vintage ads and unique sound effects complete the retro ambiance. On the ride, passengers can immerse themselves in the art, music, and fashion of another era, creating unforgettable memories. Show more

Aside from the vintage train, what other vintage experiences can visitors enjoy in New York during the holiday season?

Aside from the vintage train, visitors to New York during the holiday season can relive the past by riding on a vintage bus. The bus runs on selected days and offers an additional chance to experience history. Inside the vintage buses and subway platforms, visitors will encounter locals dressed in the fashion of yesteryear, performing dance routines to retro music. Other vintage experiences to explore in New York include art exhibitions, ice-skating venues, and Christmas markets. Show more

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