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Christmas 2021

Christmas in Argentina is a holiday of the soul!


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Christmas celebrations in Argentina start from the beginning of December. Locals decorate a Christmas tree and string up lights on December 8th (on the Fiesta de la Virgen), and from this day holiday activities begin, culminating on Christmas Eve. Instead of parties, Argentines prefer modest home celebrations and compulsory attendance at the church mass. Christmas in Argentina and in Buenos Aires, in particular, is a family holiday. Usually, all family members meet at 10 pm to have Nochebuenа or Holy Supper.

Christmas table traditionally includes ensalada de lechuga y tomate (salade) and Argentine asado (marinated turkey). At 12 am people solemnly raise glasses of champagne called fizzy or cider, and set off firecrackers or sparklers. Fireworks can be seen and heard everywhere. Launching fire paper balls, called globos. into the sky is a purely Argentine Christmas tradition.

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