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Christmas Celebrations 2020

Years of colonization and thousands of immigrants from around the world make the Christmas traditions in Rio so special


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Interestingly, since there are no spruce trees in Brazil, they are replaced by Christmas-Tree-shaped displays of electric lights and the main Christmas Tree is put right in the middle of the lagoon. Catholic traditions are pretty strong in Brazil, so lots of people go to the Midnight Mass (Missa do Galo) on Christmas. After this Mass, there is usually a big fireworks display. On Christmas Eve, there's usually a festive dinner after which at midnight people exchange presents and greet each other. On Christmas Day, Cariocas may visit their friends and relatives or go to the beach. The bar​s and clubs in Rio are open on Christmas night for those who want to continue celebrating. There's no holiday without partying in this amazing city.

Christmas Celebrations in Rio de Janeiro - Best Season 2020

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