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Best time to visit Rio de Janeiro

Watching the Sunset

The atmosphere and the magnificent landscape of the city make​ Rio a perfect place to enjoy the sunset

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The beautiful natural lighting, the hills and beaches, the buildings, the ocean—all this and more makes Rio a special spot during sunset. There are dozens of places in Rio to enjoy the spectacle of the sun slowly gliding down the sky and vanishing behind the dark mountains.

The most popular of them is probably the Arpoador beach where from November to February you can watch the sun dive into the ocean. Hundreds of people gather here to see this spectacle which is rare for Rio since it faces the ocean in the South. On Arpoador beach people applaud the setting sun. Sugarloaf Mountain is another place with a wonderful view on the Two Brothers, Pedra da Gávea, the city center and Niteroi.

And finally, there's the Lagoa, a place to witness the sunset while enjoying a late picnic or a glass of wine. On the Eastern part of it, there's plenty of green spaces where you can sit back and relax while watching the re​flection of the sun disappearing​ behind the Two Brothers into the water.

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