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Key West Sunset Celebration 2023-2024

An essential must-go event when visiting Florida's Keys

Dates: all year round (best time: September–February)

Key West Sunset Celebration
The View from Mallory Square Key West
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When the sun meets the surface of the Gulf of Mexico waters, the magic begins. Everyone heads to the shore to dance, sing, and enjoy the sun dipping on the horizon. Key West Sunset Celebration is both a celebration of nature and culture. Here you will find lots of musicians, jugglers, and artists gathering to show their performances. Food trucks and crafters make it a great place to eat the goodies and shop for handmade souvenirs.

The celebration is available daily throughout the year. However, the quality of the sunset can be affected by humidity. In autumn and winter, the humidity is lower, so the scenery is even more spectacular. The time of sunset depends on the season. In winter, it occurs earlier, around 4 pm. With the onset of spring, the show starts later, and by summer, it reaches 6 pm. Fall brings the early sunsets back.

Since the late 60s, the Sunset Celebration has been traditionally held at Mallory Square Dock and Plaza. Admission is free for all, but all performers are volunteers, so prepare some cash for the tips and donations.

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