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NAS Key West Southernmost Air Spectacular 2023

Naval Air Station Key West welcomes everyone for free thrills

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NAS Key West Southernmost Air Spectacular is an annual event, happening at Naval Air Station Key West on Boca Chica Key over a weekend in mid-April. The show highlights the US Navy's Flight Demonstration Squadron, the Blue Angels, performing thrilling maneuvers typical of aerial combat. Besides, the program features selected civilian performers, who have spent endless hours perfecting their stunning aerobatic skills. What's more, static displays, souvenirs, and a kids' zone make this celebration an enjoyable getaway for the entire family!

NAS Air Show Key West offers free admission. As for timing, the gates open at 10 am, while the show itself starts at 11 am. Obviously, the most remarkable part of the spectacular is taken by Blue Angels, which appear in the air at 2:30 pm. Also, keep in mind that the iconic aircraft have a lovely tradition to flyby over the Duval Street on their way to Key West.

The Southernmost City boasts a remarkable Navy history, dating back to March of 1822, when Lt. Matthew Perry arrived in Key West to evaluate the area for a possible Navy port. He planted a flag here and claimed the island as US territory. The first Navy buildings were introduced to Key West by Commodore David Porter the following year. But the initial naval flight was recorded well in September of 1917—Coast Guard Lt. Stanley Parker flew a Curtiss N-9 seaplane. Naval Air Station Key West was established by the end of the same year, and since then, it has served as the nation's premier training station and Navy port facility.

For more details and the latest announcements on NAS Key West Southernmost Air Spectacular, please consult the official website or Facebook, mentioned in the External Resources below. Also, consider booking a stay nearby from the map of accommodations.

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