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Rainbow Canyon Flights 2020-2021

Try your luck and spot the secret air show outside of your comfort zone


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Rainbow Canyon Flights are not a performance but a real jet plane training available for everybody. Both the United States Air Force and Navy use Death Valley for their low-level flying practice. So it's possible to see here jets from Edwards AFB, Nas Lemoore, or Fresno Air National Guard Base.

Located just three hours ride from Las Vegas, Rainbow Canyon is an excellent full-day trip. Father Crowly’s overlook area has the best panoramic view; however, it has no facilities around. Make sure to fill your gas tank and have enough water and food.

With deserty landscape and military planes flying above your head, Rainbow Canyon will remind you of a fantastic movie scene. For this reason, it's also called "Jedi Transition," just like one of the Star Wars movies. Which also explains its popularity among photographers.

The aircraft watching in Jedi Transition requires a lot of endurance. The flight schedule is never announced and is kept secret. Hours of waiting on an open-air rim may be exhausting. Therefore, avoid hot summer months for your visit and choose the season between October and May instead.

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