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Volaria Festival Aéronautique 2023

Get a glimpse of true aviation world at this top-notch airshow

Dates: September 8–10, 2023

Volaria Festival Aéronautique
Volaria Festival Aéronautique

An exciting annual event, called the Volaria Festival Aéronautique takes place in Quebec, Canada. The festival aims to highlight the best in the aviation world, particularly emphasizing aerobatics and military and historic aircraft. Aviation fans from all over the world travel to the show for amazing technological and artistic tricks, performed by vintage planes, high-speed jets, helicopters, and more.

But this list of aircraft isn't all there is to the event. The Volaria Festival Aéronautique also includes various other activities and attractions in addition to the exciting airshows. For example, the organizers have set up food and drink stands, a children's area, an open-air museum, and even a kart racing zone. Overall, don't miss the show if you're interested in aviation, technology or simply have a sense of adventure. Just remember to book your accommodation in advance as the city gets super busy this time of year and all hotels may be fully booked.

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