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Cleveland National Air Show 2023

Have you ever seen a wall of fire? Because it's on this airshow's program

Dates: September 2–4, 2023

Cleveland National Air Show
Cleveland National Air Show
Cleveland National Air Show
Cleveland National Air Show
Cleveland National Air Show
Cleveland National Air Show
Cleveland National Air Show
Navy Blue Angels at Cleveland National Air Show, Burke Lakefront Airport
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Cleveland National Air Show offers oodles of activities for all ages. This aviation event isn't just about watching planes fly in the sky. Its main focus is on getting acquainted with the air-travel industry from the inside. To get a better understanding of what Cleveland National Air Show truly is, let's dive into details.

In the air

To many, watching high-speed aircraft take to the sky is more remarkable than celebrating the 4th of July. It's quite a big deal in the U.S.—partly, because it offers a bunch of in-the-air performances for any taste. We're talking about drone, aeromodeling, jet-truck, emergency-care-transport, pyrotechnics, helicopter, and many other activities. In addition, you’ll be able to watch and enjoy witnessing tricks done by U.S. Navy Blue Angels, which is the nation’s favorite. Other famous crews, like USA Golden Knights and U.S. Air Force F-16, are on the list as well.

The organizers also prepare to present a wall of fire—a fully-fledged show on its own. In addition, all performances will be accompanied by Danny Clisham’s charismatic comments, so the air show will have a distinct voice.

On the ground

But Cleveland National Air Show isn’t limited to in-the-air activities only. At the site, you’ll have a chance to dive into a variety of on-the-ground projects. These include aircraft displays, such as vintage, military, and regular passenger planes. And you'll also be able to engage in aeromodeling of miniature jets.

In addition, there's an opportunity to participate in air force interactions, like repairing leaks in jets, refueling planes, and taking part in technical tours around replicated aircraft. And if this doesn’t sound good enough, consider augmented-reality stimulators to explore the aviation world virtually.

Kidz' zone

Your children are also welcome to join the crowd as the organizers have prepared a decent kids’ zone to keep your little ones amused while you take cockpit photos, meet air heroes, and enjoy all the on-the-ground stuff at the festival.

Venue and tickets

Cleveland National Air Show is held in Burke Lakefront Airport. There’s a parking lot, which opens at 9 am and costs $25 a vehicle. Be ready to show your tickets at the entrance of the parking lot. We suggest arriving early because the traffic on the airport territory (and the parking area) is typically pretty bad. For more details on parking and venue, check the official website in the external resources below.

As for tickets, they can be purchased only in advance and online. In other words, you won’t be able to pay at the gate, so be sure to subscribe to the show’s newsletter to stay tuned about the start of the ticket sale and any updates.

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