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Fleet Week 2019

You have never been so close to the formidable American armed forces

Fleet Week in San Francisco 2020 - Best Time
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Large crowds gather far beforehand to occupy the best spots along the waterfront on San Francisco Bay during the Fleet Week, as they are going to see the grand parade of huge American and Canadian Navy ships sailing under the Golden Gate Bridge and view splendid air shows of roaring Navy Blue Angels performing breathtaking stunts. The fans will be able to talk with pilots in person around the Fisherman’s Wharf and even get their autographs.

Fleet Week in San Francisco - Best Season 2020

In addition to the main spectacle, there are lots of minor performances prepared by navy parachute team, coast guard demonstrations, and stunt plane swoops and loops. Moreover, Fleet Week presents a unique opportunity for the most curious spectators to go inside warships and explore everything personally. Other events of the Fleet Week include Marine and Navy Band concerts, Italian Heritage Parade, and a festival at the Marina Green.​​