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St. Stupid’s Day Parade 2021

Bored with solemn processions? St. Stupid’s Day allows to play a fool in the silliest walk of all times


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St. Stupid’s Day Parade is a unique occasion to let yourself behave absolutely silly for a while, you are encouraged to wear as ridiculous​ clothes as possible, shout stupid slogans and you may not worry that someone will judge you or that you will be arrested for hooliganism.

Sound the Klaxons! 2020
Sound the Klaxons!

The highlights of this fun-filled event include absurd playing with losing lotto tickets at the Federal Reserve HQ, throwing coins at the sculpture of the “Banker’s Heart” and solo socks’ exchange at the Pacific Stock Exchange. The annual parade of foolishness is held on April 1st within the Financial District. Its financial institutions are taken for the “stations of the stupid”.

Big stupid Coke Bottle and Big Giant Glove 2020
Big stupid Coke Bottle and Big Giant Glove

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