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Three Kings Parade (Cavalcade of Magi) 2025

The Three Kings are responsible for fulfilling the traditional tasks of Santa Claus, namely for receiving letters and distributing gifts

Dates: January 5

Three Kings Parade (Cavalcade of Magi)

Waking up in the morning of the adoration of the Magi (Los Reyes Magos or Three Kings or Three Wise Men), Spanish children find gifts at home if they behaved well. If a child did not behave very well, the wise men bring him or her a sweet coal. On the night of January 5th to January 6th, when everyone is asleep, the Magi visit every house in the world, but before that, on the evening of the previous day, they pass through the city in a festive Cavalcade known as the Three Kings Parade.

The procession begins on the evening of January 5, at around 6 pm on San Juan de la Cruz and descends a little along the Boulevard Castellana to Cibeles Square, where at 8:45 pm the Magi bring the glad tidings of the birth of the Saviour. At the end of the procession in the square of Cibeles, the Vahvas are put on the stage. It ends with a pyrotechnic show on the same square with fireworks and salutes.

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