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Rosca de Reyes

Slices of the sweet bread include baby figurines. If you get one, consider yourself lucky!

Rosca de Reyes in Mexico 2020 - Best Time

Since long ago sweet bread with candied fruits atop has been a symbol of King's Day. Its name means the wreath of a king, and the pastry contains a few figurines of Baby Jesus which are hidden from the evil King Herod. It refers to a Bible story about the king's order to kill all the newborns in Bethlehem. Then, Joseph warned by an angel, took Mary and the Baby and escaped to Egypt and hid there until Herod's death.

On January 6 at Epiphany sliced sweet bread is served to everyone, and whoever discovers the baby figurines are obliged to cook or buy tamales for a tamalada party at Candlemas, taking place on February, 2. King's Day is the main occasion to try Rosca de Reyes, but it may also be found in local bakeries from the very beginning of the Christmas season.

Rosca de Reyes in Mexico - Best Season 2020