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Hierve el Agua Waterfall in Mexico

A lovely pool comfortably set in the mountainside and a petrified waterfall of salt crystals—an amazing natural site to explore

Best time: November–April

Hierve el Agua Waterfall
Hierve el Agua Waterfall
Hierve el Agua Waterfall
Hierve el Agua Waterfall

Have you ever bathed in a mineral-rich water pool set right on the mountainside and overlooked by other blue mountain slopes? Such an amazing infinity pool is found among Oaxaca's rock formations, along with plenty of numerous springs. The very name Hierve el Agua literally means "the water boils."

Besides the springs, you'll also find another spectacular natural attraction—a seemingly frozen waterfall. Its water looks still owing to numerous salt crystals that form in the flow, similar to the famous 'cotton castle' in Pamukkale, Turkey.

As to the season, the most convenient time to set off to the mountains is the dry months—namely November to April.

Practical info

What are the benefits of Hierve el Agua's mineral-rich water to visitors who bathe in it?

Bathing in the mineral springs of Hierve el Agua has therapeutic properties great for the body due to being rich in calcium, magnesium, and other essential mineral salts. Bathing improves relaxation, alleviates stress and also cure some skin infections. The scenic mountain views, in addition to the fresh mountain air, create peaceful surroundings contributing to visitor relaxation and well-being. Show more

What natural substance gives the petrified waterfall of Hierve el Agua its distinct appearance?

The petrified waterfall of Hierve el Agua features a unique texture formed from the gradual deposition of calcium carbonate atop the flowing mountainside spring water. The accumulation of calcium mineral salts hardens these deposits to form a unique rock-like surface. Its appearance is further enhanced by some white salt deposits, giving it a similar look to that of Turkey's 'Cotton Castle.' Show more

Besides swimming and exploring the petrified waterfall, are there any other activities available to Hierve el Agua visitors?

Visitors can indulge in several activity options besides swimming or admiring the petrified waterfall during their visit to Hierve el Agua. The mountain excursion features breathtaking hiking expeditions over the site's several trails. Exploring the vast cultural heritage and vibrant marketplaces of the town of San Isidro Roaguia situated nearby enriches their experience further. Show more

Is there any particular time when Hierve el Agua is inaccessible, or can visitors go there throughout the year?

While visitors have access to the site throughout the year, the best time to visit Hierve el Agua is during the dry seasons from November to April. The cool and dry weather enhances the experience of relaxing and mineral-rich bathing. However, the site remains accessible all-year-round. Visitors need to be cautious about weather changes throughout specific times of the year that could affect their visit. Show more

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