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Waterfalls and Swimming Holes

Escape tropical heat in the cool waters of jungle waterfalls


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Taking a dip into a natural pool surrounded by a lush tropical rainforest is a dream that can come true in Puerto Rico. The island receives plenty of rainfall during summer and boasts many waterfalls that are suitable for swimming. Plunge pools are usually beautifully framed by moss, lichens, lianas, and tree ferns.

El Yunque Waterfalls

El Yunque National Forest is a must-see destination for waterfall enthusiasts. This Caribbean rainforest, located in the Luquillo Mountain Range, has unique flora and fauna. Discovering its hidden falls and streams is an unforgettable experience. La Coca Falls is perhaps the most beautiful El Yunque waterfall located the closest to the main entrance. However, being one of the most photographed sites in Puerto Rico, La Coca is not the best place for a swim. So you should head further to La Mina Falls if you are looking for a relaxing dip. La Mina Falls is one of the most impressive waterfalls in Puerto Rico, thanks to a 35-ft (10-m) drop and picturesque jungle all around. La Mina can be reached by a 7.5-mi (12-km) La Mina Trail or a bit longer Big Tree Trail, both of which start at the main road. La Mina and La Coca are the most famous waterfalls in El Yunque. However, there are more falls to discover there. For example, Juan Diego Falls, located not far from La Coca Falls, maybe not so impressive, but it's also less crowded and suits well for a refreshing dip.

Charco Azul

Charco Azul is a beautiful swimming hole located in Vega Baja and surrounded by Carite Forest. Its name means "blue pond" in Spanish, which is exactly how it looks. Charco Azul is famous for the turquoise color of its waters. In addition to swimming, it's possible to jump from the rocks and explore the caves above the swimming hole. It's located just 45 minutes from San Juan, making it a suitable one-day trip from the capital.

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