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The Rhine Falls in Switzerland

The largest waterfall in Europe is often called Switzerland's natural wonder

Best time: April–September

The Rhine Falls
The Rhine Falls
The Rhine Falls
The Rhine Falls
The Rhine Falls

The magnificent Rhine Falls are located on the High Rhine near the town of Schaffhausen in northern Switzerland. These falls are 150 m wide and 23 m high. The average water flow doubles during the spring and summer, so these seasons are the most favourable for a visit. You have a chance to get up close to the falls by boat, from viewing platforms, or through an adventure trail. One great way to experience them is to take a boat to the r​ock in the middle of the falls and feel the great power of nature. You can also visit the nearby medieval castle Schloss Laufen, ​which also has spectacular views. On August 1st, Swiss National Day, you can check out an impressive fireworks display over the falls.

Practical info

What is the ideal time to visit Rhine Falls?

In Switzerland, the period from April to September is the best time to visit Rhine Falls. During this period, the falls are at the peak of their magnificence and the average volume of water doubles. Travelers should note that they can visit the waterfall throughout the year, and the sightseeing guides and hiking trails are still enjoyable during the off-peak months. Show more

Where in Switzerland are the Rhine Falls located?

Northern Switzerland, near Schaffhausen, the Rhine Falls can be found. Zurich is only 50 km away from the falls and tourists can easily access the picturesque falls by car, bus, or train. Schaffhausen also possesses multiple cultural attractions to explore while you visit and immerse yourself in the beauty of Rhine Falls. Show more

What is the height of the largest waterfall in Europe?

Rhine Falls is the biggest waterfall in Europe, measuring approximately 150 meters wide and 23 meters high in Switzerland. It is a breathtaking sight to witness firsthand and creates an unforgettable memory. There are many ways to see and explore Rhine Falls, allowing tourists to experience the magnificent display of this natural wonder on various adventurous tours. Show more

What are the ways to get close to Rhine Falls?

Visitors traveling to Switzerland can experience Rhine Falls by foot, taking an adventure trail. Alternatively, going for a boat trip that can take them straight to the waterfall in the center of the rock is an ideal way to get drenched from the spray and feel the force of the water up close. If someone wants a breathtaking view from many vantage points, then viewing platforms are the way to go and capture some photography to keep forever. Show more

What takes place at Rhine Falls on the Swiss National Day?

The Swiss National Day on August 1st at Rhine Falls is unmissable, where thousands of tourists all around the world experience the spectacle of a fantastic fireworks show above the falls. It is an annual event filled with tradition and an opportunity to explore Switzerland's culture while appreciating Rhine Falls' stunning natural beauty. To occupy the best possible position next to the river, guests should plan to get there early before the event begins. Show more

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