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Frozen Waterfalls in Taoyuan Xiangu in Beijing

Large humanmade waterfalls attract ice climbing fans every winter

Best time: late December–February

Taoyuan Fairy Valley Scenic Area, also known as Taoyuan Fairy Valley or Taoyuan Xiangu Natural Scenic Spot, is a picturesque destination about 100 km (60 mi) northeast of Beijing in Miyun County. The forest in the valley is dense, the waterfalls are numerous, and the mountains are majestic. A few dozens of various landscape shapes will keep hikers busy— a lake, waterfalls, deep pools, a spring and ponds are all scattered across the valley.

In winter, Tao Yuan Xian Gu becomes a world of ice and snow where you can see the scenes of ice, frozen waterfalls, frost flowers, and ice caves. At that time, the icy waterfalls here attract not only regular tourists but also outdoor X-sports fans. Many people come here to enjoy frozen waterfall climbing on two large human made falls in the valley.

Every year roughly from late December through February, the valley welcomes cold winter days when the falls freeze. Those willing to climb the frozen waterfalls, may rent professional climbing equipment and choose the climbing routes of different levels. The frozen Taoyuan Waterfall is about 50 meters (165 feet) high and dozens of meters wide. Professional ice climbers can choose the steeper eastern side while the beginners may prefer the flatter western side.

There is another frozen waterfall climbing area in the fairy valley named Longquan Waterfall. This is a training area for frozen falls climbing fans. The area provides a 20-meter (65-feet) wide and 40-meter (130-feet) high climbing space for training as well as a 6-meter (20-feet) wide and 30-meter (100-feet) high surface for children as an entertainment climbing area.

The winter fairy-tale is beautiful but cold, so make sure to wear warm clothes. As it might take a while to explore all the highlights, bring packed lunch or instant noodles (they provide hot water at the food stall over there). You can get there with your own car or join an organized tour. In any case, be prepared to pay an entrance fee.

Practical info

When is the best time to visit Taoyuan Xiangu in Beijing?

To see the frozen Taoyuan Waterfall and for frozen waterfall climbing, visit Taoyuan Xiangu during winter, specifically from late December to February. It is a magical experience to witness the waterfalls freeze and the landscape transform into a pristine icy world. Show more

Where is Taoyuan Xiangu Natural Scenic Spot located in Beijing?

Taoyuan Xiangu Natural Scenic Spot is situated in Miyun County, approximately 100 km (60 mi) from Beijing City. The beautiful valley is set amid picturesque surroundings of lush forests, grand mountains, and various water bodies, including ponds, lakes, and waterfalls that accentuate the natural beauty of this scenic spot. Show more

What activities are popular in Taoyuan Xiangu during winter?

Ice climbing activities are popular in Taoyuan Xiangu during winter, especially for enthusiasts. The valley features two large human-made waterfalls that provide varied levels of climbing for different skill levels. Experienced ice climbers choose the steeper eastern side of Taoyuan Waterfall, while beginners prefer the western side, which has a flat terrain. Longquan Waterfall has two climbing areas for both children and serious climbers. Show more

What is the height and width of the Taoyuan Waterfall?

Taoyuan Waterfall stands at around 50 meters (165 feet) high and dozens of meters wide. During winter, the waterfall turns into a natural ice wall that turns it into the perfect surface for ice climbers. The horizontal western side is ideal for beginners, while the eastern steeper terrain offers a tougher challenge for more experienced climbers. Show more

Is it necessary to rent professional climbing equipment to climb the frozen waterfalls?

To safely climb the frozen waterfalls of Taoyuan Xiangu, proper climbing gear like crampons, harnesses, helmets, ice axes, and rope are mandatory. It is crucial for beginners to get proper instruction and follow safety guidelines. However, for those non-climbers who wish to experience the winter wilderness without climbing, they can have a serene walk around and revel in the natural splendor of the valley. Show more

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