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Ginkgo Avenues in Beijing

Beijing is colored in a yellow palette by ginkgo trees in autumn

Ginkgo Avenues
Ginkgo Avenues
Ginkgo Avenues

Chinese novelist Lao She once wrote, "In autumn, you must live in Peking, nothing here would let you down." The autumn of Beijing is a mesmerising world of red and yellow. Red leaves are famous at Fragrant Hill, while the yellow colors prevail in the iconic ginkgo avenues. Ginkgo leaves start to turn yellow from mid-October and usually fall off the trees in mid-November. A few days before falling is the best time for you to view the yellow autumn of Beijing.

Diaoyutai Ginkgo Avenue is considered as the best place for yellow ginkgo leaves viewing. The best time to appreciate and to capture the beauty of the golden leaves is in the mid- and late October. When leaves start to fall, the whole avenue is covered with a yellow "blanket." Stepping on it, you can hear the sound of leaves crunching and see fallen leaves flying with the breeze in the air. At that time, you also become part of the yellow magic.

Ditan Ginkgo Avenue is known as the most secluded avenue as there are not so many cars passing by. There are more than 200 ginkgos inside the park planted in the late 1950s. As it is crowded on weekends, weekdays would be the best time for you to enjoy the yellow palette and take photographs. Also, if you go in the morning before 7 am, you might be lucky not only to avoid the morning commuters but also observe how the sunrise illuminates the trees and their yellow hue.

The yellow leaves seem slightly more academic when they appear in the highest institution in China with crowds of students reading and chatting all over the place. In front of Peking University, there are four ginkgo trees which are about 300 years old. In Tsinghua University, there is a ginkgo avenue where you can walk or ride in a morning or catch a glimpse of beautiful dusk to enjoy the fantastic yellow avenue. With the traditional or modern architecture of institutions in the background, the yellow leaves look more elegant

Practical info

What time of the year do ginkgo trees turn yellow in Beijing?

The yellow autumn of Beijing happens between mid-October and mid-November when the ginkgo trees display their yellow leaves before falling off. Tourists can enjoy the beauty of the golden leaves a few days before falling, when the leaves turn into a shade of golden yellow. Show more

Which location in Beijing is the best for viewing yellow ginkgo leaves?

Diaoyutai Ginkgo Avenue is where you can enjoy the magnificent yellow ginkgo leaves in Beijing. The avenue is covered with a bed of golden yellow leaves, creating a spectacular view for visitors. Other exciting locations include Ditan Ginkgo Avenue, Peking University, and Tsinghua University, which are unique due to their traditional or modern architecture against the backdrop of the yellow leaves. Show more

When is the recommended time to visit Diaoyutai Ginkgo Avenue?

Mid- to late-October is the recommended time to visit Diaoyutai Ginkgo Avenue when the ginkgo leaves start to turn golden yellow and fall. Visitors can capture excellent photos and enjoy walking through the golden blanket of yellow leaves covering the avenue. To avoid missing out, it's recommended you visit before the leaves start falling off completely. Show more

What is the historical significance of the ginkgo trees in Peking and Tsinghua Universities?

The ginkgo trees in Peking and Tsinghua Universities have significant historical importance and are popular tourist destinations. One interesting fact is that the Peking University ginkgo trees are over 300 years old and located right in front of the university. At Tsinghua University, the ginkgo trees form an avenue, looking incredible against the backdrop of traditional or modern architecture of the institutions. Show more

How can tourists enjoy the yellow ginkgo leaves without the crowds in Beijing?

Tourists can avoid crowds and best capture photographs of yellow ginkgo leaves by planning their visit. Visiting the Diaoyutai Ginkgo Avenue mid-week during mid- to late-October when the leaves start to turn golden yellow is ideal. At Peking University, the best time to avoid the crowds would be in the morning when there are fewer people around. Additionally, visiting Ditan Ginkgo Avenue before 7 am will enable tourists to capture the best photographs and avoid the morning commuters. Show more

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