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Climbing the Frozen Montmorency Falls in Quebec 2025

Tough, cold, and exhausting but well worth the effort

Best time: January–February

Climbing the Frozen Montmorency Falls

Montmorency Falls can be visited in every season, but during the winter it can offer some activities for any adrenaline seekers. Every winter when the water freezes, the bravest visitors can climb it and enjoy the view from its peak.

To climb the waterfall, you need two axes, special gear, helmet, ropes and carabiners, a harness, and a little bit of courage not to look down before you get to the top. Unlike rock climbing, where using one's fingers has an important role, ice climbing is all about placing the axe in the right spot and relying on the icy surface. That is what makes this activity so incomparable and memorable. This not-for-everyone outdoor adventure rewards with its view from above—tiny people and frozen waves of the majestic waterfall.

Practical info

When is a suitable time to embark on the climb at Montmorency Falls?

Montmorency Falls climbing enthusiasts should endeavor to make the climb in winter, presumably within January and February, where the water is frozen solid. Climbing the frozen waterfall presents a rare winter adventure that promises breathtaking views only exclusive to the season. Though the freezing temperature would require adequate preparation, including appropriate clothing, climbers get to enjoy an experience like no other during the winter. Show more

What other available options are there for renting climbing gear?

Tourists can rent climbing gear suitable for Montmorency Falls at any of the stores and adventure centers located close to the waterfall. Similarly, several online rental platforms offer similar service and rental packages to interested climbers. Before embarking on the climb, climbers must ensure that they have all necessary gear, including helmets, ropes, axes, carabiners, and harnesses, to ensure that they maximize their climb's safety and comfort. Show more

What is the extent of the physical demands required for climbing the frozen Montmorency Falls?

Climbing the frozen Montmorency Falls requires a significant amount of effort and endurance as climbers work their way up using their axes while relying on upper body and core strength. Successful climbers should be physically fit, have a decent climbing experience, and possess a firm grip. Dressing appropriately is also necessary, considering the harshness of the environment's temperature and the challenges the waterfall presents. Show more

What are the safety measures necessary for climbing this frozen waterfall?

Climbing the frozen Montmorency Falls requires proper safety measures to minimize any possible risks. Climbers must be accompanied by professional guides at all times during the climb. Properly fitted safety gear, including communication aids like radios and whistles, must also be availed to ensure effective communication with peers. Climbers must take note of various conditions such as weather, altitude, and body temperature, which would impact their safety and comfort throughout the climb. Show more

Aside from the Montmorency Falls ice climb, what other winter activities can be enjoyed within Quebec?

There are several winter activities tourists can choose to engage in when visiting Quebec, including the annual Quebec Winter Carnival festivities. Dog sledding, snowmobiling, skiing, snowshoeing, and taking a peek at the dazzling Northern Lights are also some of the activities visitors can enjoy. With cozy restaurants abound, visitors also get to indulge in options like getting warm dishes, pairing them with Quebec's renowned wines while listening to live music performances. Show more

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