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Climbing the Frozen Montmorency Falls

Tough, cold, and exhausting but well worth the effort


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Montmorency Falls can be visited in every season, but during the winter it can offer some activities for any adrenaline seekers. Every winter when the water freezes, the bravest visitors can climb it and enjoy the view from its peak.

To climb the waterfall, you need two axes, special gear, helmet, ropes and carabiners, a harness, and a little bit of courage not to look down before you get to the top. Unlike rock climbing, where using one's fingers has an important role, ice climbing is all about placing the axe in the right spot and relying on the icy surface. That is what makes this activity so incomparable and memorable. This not-for-everyone outdoor adventure rewards with its view from above—tiny people and frozen waves of the majestic waterfall.

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