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Gorman Falls in Texas

A wide, misty waterfall will make you feel like you are somwhere tropical

Best time: all year round | April–mid-September

Gorman Falls
Gorman Falls
Gorman Falls Panorama in Colorado Bend State Park

Located in the heart of the Hill Country, Gorman Falls is one of the most impressive Texas waterfalls. While the scenery of Colorado Bend State Park, where the waterfall is situated, seems rather arid and rocky, the waterfall itself is surrounded by lush greenery and looks like it belongs in the tropics. The most amazing feature of Gorman Falls is that it grows larger over time. With a height of 65 ft (20 m) and a width of about 650 ft (198 m), Gorman Falls is a "living" waterfall. Its water contains a high concentration of carbon dioxide, and when it tumbles over limestone, mineral deposits grow over time. Travertine is quite fragile so the area around the waterfall is restricted. Swimming is also prohibited. The trailhead to Gorman Falls, which feeds into the Colorado River, is located at the entrance to Colorado Bend State Park (off FM 580 ), two hours northwest of Austin. The trail, which could be muddy or slippery in the winter, is 2.8 miles (4.5 km) round-trip.

When is the best time to visit Gorman Falls

As with most Texas waterfalls, the flow of Gorman Falls depends on the rainfall. The wet season at Hill Country usually runs from April to mid-September. The lush greenery in the summer also adds visual appeal to the waterfall. During dry winters, Gorman Falls could seem fainter and not as impressive. The scenery at Colorado Bend State Park may also look somewhat bleak.

Things to do at Gorman Falls

Colorado Bend State Park offers 35 miles (56 km) of hiking and biking trails. Colorado River is suitable for fishing and paddling. There are 400 caves in the park. Wild cave tours are popular as well as and back-to-nature camping. Spicewood Springs is the most popular hiking destination in the park after Gorman Falls. The trail goes along pools and water­falls fed by Spicewood Springs and features spectacular views. Spicewood Springs is also an excellent swimming hole in the summer. The park offers a kayaking rental as well.

Where to stay at Gorman Falls

Colorado Bend State Park has camping sites along the river and in the canyon. The park has capacity limits, so reserving a day pass and an overnight stay in advance is recommended. Reservations can be made up to five months in advance.

Practical info

When is the best time to visit Gorman Falls?

The ideal time to visit Gorman Falls is between April and mid-September, during the wet season. The summer months add to the beauty of the fall by making the scenery greener and more beautiful. Nonetheless, the water flow of the waterfall is dependent on the amount of rainfall. Therefore, it's important to verify local weather conditions before planning your visit. Show more

What activities are available at Colorado Bend State Park?

There is an abundance of activities available at Colorado Bend State Park, such as hiking or biking on over 35 miles (56 km) of trails. The park also provides visitors with the chance to fish, paddle down the Colorado River, explore the 400 caves, camping, wild cave excursions, and kayaking rentals are also available. Summertime is the right moment to visit Spicewood Springs, which is a popular swimming and hiking area. Show more

Where is Gorman Falls located?

Gorman Falls is situated in the Hill Country in Colorado Bend State Park just northwest of Austin, Texas, with the park entrance off FM 580. Finding the falls is not difficult once you are in the park. The trailhead leading to the falls is only 2.8 miles (4.5 km) round trip, but difficulty may depend on seasonal weather conditions as it could get muddy or slippery in the winter. Show more

Can you swim in Gorman Falls?

Swimming is not permitted in Gorman Falls as the area around it is covered with limestone cliffs and overhanging rocks. The foundation is covered with fragile travertine deposits. On the other hand, visitors can swim, fish, or paddle on the Colorado River, which runs near the falls. The park provides kayaking rentals as well, which makes river adventure easily accessible. Show more

Where can you stay at Gorman Falls?

The only accommodation available near Gorman Falls is found at Colorado Bend State Park. The park offers camping along the river or in the canyon; however, you will need to reserve these sites up to five months ahead of time. It is advisable to reserve day passes and overnight stays in advance, as the park has a limited visitor capacity and tends to fill up quickly. Show more

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