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Abiqua Falls in Oregon

A hidden gem of Oregon is especially beautiful in winter

Abiqua Falls is undoubtedly one of Oregon's most scenic waterfalls. A 28-meter (92-foot) waterfall is not particularly tall, but the rocks create a perfect amphitheater that makes a great shot for your Instagram. Basalt walls are covered with lichens, ferns, and mosses that make it especially picturesque. To see the waterfall surrounded by lush greenery, visit it from April to October. This is also the safest time to take Abiqua Falls trail. However, if you don't mind to walk on snow and ice, it's definitely worth a visit during coldest months when frozen water turns it into a fairy-tale site.

If you are getting to the Abiqua Falls from Portland, it's about 50 miles away, some 1.5-hour drive. Abiqua Falls is located on the private land of the Mount Angel Abbey near Scotts Mills, Oregon. It's rather tricky to find since the trails that lead to the waterfall are not marked. Visitors have to walk back on the road from the parking lot in the same direction where they came from. Then, you'll see a trail going down past the trees.

The trail is rather steep. In 0,3 km (0,2 miles) you'll see the creek. From there, go upstream for another 0,3 km (0,2 mi) until you see the huge basalt bowl of the Abiqua Falls pool. Some people even jump from the top of the waterfall to the pool. The whole trail is about 8 km (5.3 mi) both ways. Elevation gain is 425 m (1,397 feet).

Practical info

How can I reach Abiqua Falls from Portland?

Abiqua Falls is situated 50 miles away from Portland, and it takes around 1.5 hours to drive there. To get to Abiqua Falls from Portland, take exit 278 to Woodburn on I-5 South. Then, head east on Hwy 214 towards Mt. Angel. After Mt. Angel, take Crooked Finger Road, which leads to Abiqua Falls' parking lot. Park your car in the designated area and prepare to hike the trail. Show more

Is there a recommended time of year to visit Abiqua Falls?

The best time to visit Abiqua Falls is from April through October when the weather is pleasant, and the road and trails are more stable to navigate. During these months, the waterfall is surrounded by lush green forest and less ice or snow. However, if you want to witness the fantastic winter scenery of icy waterfalls, you can visit Abiqua Falls in January or February. Show more

How challenging is the Abiqua Falls trail?

The Abiqua Falls trail is relatively challenging; it measures about 5.3 miles round trip with an elevation gain of 1,397 feet. The trail is steep, slippery, and can be muddy in some areas. It is mandatory to wear sturdy hiking shoes with proper traction and socks that can handle water. Hikers can also consider using trekking poles to maneuver the trail safely. Show more

Can travelers dive from the Abiqua Falls' top to the pool underneath?

Even though some visitors dive from the top of Abiqua Falls to the pool below, it is not advisable as there is an extensive risk of serious injury or death. The pool's depth may change depending on the time of year, and submerged rocks or logs might pose a threat. It is essential to admire and treasure the natural beauty of Abiqua Falls safely and responsibly. Show more

What are some safety precautions to remember when touring Abiqua Falls?

To visit Abiqua Falls safely, it is essential to adopt several precautions. The trail is challenging and often slippery or muddy, making hiking boots and trekking poles necessary. Visitors must always stay on the designated trail, keep a safe distance from the waterfall's edge, and avoid attempts to jump from it. Swimming underneath the waterfall is not a good idea, and visitors must be aware of the weather conditions to avoid flash floods. Show more

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